Tall Buildings
ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.12

Meetings Information

Chicago Meeting

We're heading to the Windy City, where tall, supertall and megatall buildings abound.  We're sponsoring multiple programs, so come out and see what's going on in the exciting world of tall buildings.

From Concept to Commissioning: How to get a 1000 Ton Chiller Plant in a 60+ Story Condominium Building
Track: Tall Buildings
Room: Red Lacquer (4th FLoor)
1. Proposing, Managing, and Commissioning the New Chiller Plant, Francis Kohout
2. The Owner's Perspective on Installing a New Chiller Plant in an Existing Condominium, Amy Eickoff
3. Designing and Instlling a New Chiller Plant on Top of an Existing Building, Owen Putman

Climate Effecs on Tall, Supertall, and Megatall Buildings
Track: Tall Buildings
Room: State
1. An Engineers Solution to the Problems, Peter Simmonds
2. An Architect's Perspective of the Problem, Russell Gilchrist

Stack Effect: Friend or Foe in Tall Buildings
Track: Tall Buildings
Room: Empire
1. Methods to Mitigate Stack Effect in Supertall and Megatall Buildings, Mehdi Jalayerian
2. Measurements of Stack Effect in Existing Tall and Supertall Buildings, Duncan Phillips

Next Generation Tall Buildings HVAC Design
Track: Tall Buildings
Room: Monroe
1. The Current Tallest Building Design Update, Mehdi Jalayerian
2. Low Energy Tall Building Design and Modular Tall Buildings, Robert Tazlaar
3. Low Carbon and Healthy Tall Buildings, Luke Lueng


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